Who we are

Our standard daily production is based on 24 working hours dedicated to the production of flat and pressed sheets, profiles both for lighting and for numerous other purposes.

Our sheets are made with top quality materials from both Europe and elsewhere: Styrol resins, acrylic resins, polycarbonate and ABS.
We have a vast range of patterns, in excess of 50, that in combination provide numerous totally exclusive designs.
Furthermore we are most willing to put into production drawings already in your possession or alternatively to create new ones, since we make use of the services of the best companies specialising in the manufacture of cylinders for new patterns.
The thicknesses currently produced vary depending on the design chosen, normally from 1.8mm to 6/7mm with a sheet width up to 1400mm and lengths by request.
The base colours are neutral or uncoloured, smoked (bronze) or opal, but even in this instance there is no problem in producing any colour whatever.

Our sheets are used:

By printers who prefer our non-calendared sheets in order to have less waste and shrinkage in the printing. They print anything: rooflights for industrial buildings, cosmetics containers, objects for animal cages, and a variety of fancy goods.

By manufacturers of shower cubicles: they use our sheets in a variety of designs, thicknesses and sizes, as well as curved sheets for shower cubicles with a round tray, in the various radii requested.

By D-I-Y shops: they use our standard format sheets to satisfy the D-I-Y demands of the public (windows, balconies, false ceilings).

By the building trade: with pressed sheets for skylights, dividing doors and lighting profiles.
Moreover we produce corrugated and Greca box profile sheets in impact resistant polycarbonate or acrylic of 1.5mm to 3mm for canopies and roofing, with a width from 900mm to 1100mm and length by request.

By glass merchants who use our sheets in place of glass: they are more resistant to cracking and breakage, as well as being easier and lighter to install.

New Glass S.r.L. is also able to carry out extrusions of special profiles:
By other productions we mean any other item that can be obtained by extrusions that are compatible with our equipment.
There is a host of possibilities for the production of extruded items for innumerable purposes, and for this reason we put our Technical Office at your disposal to provide clarifications on and to achieve the goal of obtaining the item requested.

Innovative machinery

Bespoke work

Special processing

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